Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey, y'all!

So, last Friday was my birthday. I didn't do anything super exciting, but I did have a great day!
My mom and Margaret came and met me in Baton Rouge for lunch and shopping. We ate at Bravo which is always delicious! I bought a dress but that was all... mainly because I had a gift card to Forever 21 and can't really spend much before Disney. I really enjoyed seeing both of them and it was fun!

That night, Clay and I drove into Slidell and had a late dinner at Copeland's with my parents. Of course, that was delicious too! And on top of that, Clay brought in a "Fresh Strawberry Cake" from Ambrosia bakery in Baton Rouge. IT. WAS. AWESOME. The icing had strawberries in it, and the cake itself was just so good. If you're ever in Baton Rouge, I'd suggest going to that bakery. Everything they have there is just fantastic.
I didn't really want to be in the picture...

As far as presents go, I asked my parents to pay for my Universal Studios ticket as my gift... and they are! That's such a big help. Clay got me this leather bag I fell in love with from Versona (new fave store), and painter's palette charm for my Pandora bracelet, and the TOMS I wanted! My first pair were worn to holes and my second pair was destroyed by Elwood. I was SO happy with everything! He always gets the best gifts.
Painter's Palette
The charm!

Bag and TOMS from Clay!

A few family members gave me money... which is amazing! I really needed some more for my trip :)

Earlier this week, I took a little stroll to see Mike the Tiger. I'm going to do this more often. Why not take advantage of having a pet tiger?! He's pretty lazy during the day. He usually sleeps in the same corner, like he was doing today. He's more active at night, so I'll have to drag my roommate with me to go see him one night!

Sleepy pants.

Monday, I had my Chapter meeting. All the pledges got surprise gifts from our "Bigs," but we don't know who they are yet! I got this cute little bulletin board and lamb pillow-pet (the lamb is our symbol). I'm anxious to know who my Big is! I have to wait until next Monday to find out.

Early in January, I won a prize pack from the awesome company Nylabone that contains $200 worth of their products for Elwood. I've been waiting for a few weeks for them to come in and, alas, they have arrived! Elwood is an insanely intense chewer, and they are one of few brands that makes toys durable enough for him (so they aren't cheap either...). We got 8 toys, two large boxes of Nutri-Dent treats, and a smaller bag of treats. That may not seem like a lot for $200, but Nylabone's prices have to be a little high for how durable they are.  Winning this was definitely a blessing. Look, he's so happy!

And, last but not least, I sold another Star Wars painting! This person only wanted Yoda... and I'm cool with that because I don't really have the time or energy at the moment to do all six. Yay, sales!


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  1. So glad Margaret and I got to spend your birthday with you! It was a lot of fun. And yes, the cake that Clay brought that night was awesome (and I love the bag he got you)!

    I'm not surprised you're selling your art. You really do have an amazing talent!

    Great gifts, Disney, and a new sorority ... Dad and I are so glad that life is treating you so well.

    Oh, and Ellwood ... love the pic! Looks like he's got it made too!