Saturday, April 14, 2012


Yep! A blog for the second day in a row! My mom reminded me I forgot to blog about some stuff- some big stuff that I can't believe I forgot! This is gonna be a long one...

Number 1: FORMAL!
Last month, my sorority had its very first formal! It was at the absolutely stunning Nottoway Plantation. I had seen many pictures of this place online and I've been in love with every aspect of it, so when I found out that's where our formal was to be held, I was beyond ecstatic. 

Some of my sisters!

Our event was held in the Randolph Ballroom, which is a separate building to the left of the main house. We went around and explored the grounds a little bit. It was dark when we got there, so there wasn't good lighting for pictures, but there was no way in hell that was going to stop me! It's too beautiful!
In front of the plantation

Inside of the plantation, there is this room that is pure white with white furniture, and everything is lined in gold. It is so amazing. We didn't get to go in it, but I got to admire it from the front porch window. *swoon*

The plantation also provided some yummy food for us. I pigged out on red beans... I just can't control my southern girl cravings. We also had a photo booth set up! It made it a lot of fun... Here's one of our pictures :)

I love getting dressed up. And I loved my dress and can't wait to wear it again! Here's one final picture... (there are more of Facebook, though!)
Candace (grand big), Cally (big), and me!

Number 2: Jimmy Buffett
Clay and I went to New Orleans during the Final Four to take advantage of the free Jimmy Buffett concert. I haven't ever seen him before, but I loved him! He was wearing a Free Sean Payton shirt. AND Sean Payton came out for one song. It was amazing.

Both of our parents went, so we spent the first half of the concert with mine, and the second half with his.

Mom and me
Mr. Greg and me

Clay and me

Clay also broke up a fight. Between two women. He was the youngest guy there... it was actually funny.

Number 3: Random upcoming stuff that you can look out for a blog about!
  • Tomorrow Clay and I are going to the French Quarter Fest! I've never actually been to that one before (I don't think), so I'm excited. Plus a day off work- YES! 
  • This coming Wednesday, I will be initiated into Sigma Phi Lambda!
  • Hiking at Tunica Hills at the end of this month!
  • We are also going to Jazz Fest this year. We are only going one day though- it's so expensive! And overcrowded. We are going May 6 to see Foo Fighters.
  • The Friday before that, Clay's parents, my parents, and Clay's sister and brother-in-law, and Clay and I are going to do the Gordon Biersch brewery tour. Should be fun. But me and his sister can't taste- I'm 20 and she's preggo.
  • Clay's family day is in May where we go get to spend the day on base doing stuff. They also have an airman's ball the same weekend- *fingers crossed* we go! It's at the WWII museum!
  • There's a trip in our future (at the end of May). All I'm going to say for now is beach hopping (sorta).
Number 4: Color run!
The Color Run is coming to New Orleans! It isn't till February, but that's okay because I gotta train. It's only a 5K, but I can barely run AT ALL. I have zero endurance. I may be thin, but I'm super out of shape. 
If you don't know what that is, it's a run where you get blasted with colored (all natural) powder at each mile marker. At the end, you are all colorful and you get to eat and have a party. It's called the happiest run on earth. I WILL do it! If you want to know more about it, click here!

Okay! I think I finally covered everything.


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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about Jimmy Buffett! You're a busy girl ... love the photos from your formal.

    Looking forward to Family Day and Gordon Biersch! I'll run with ya whenever you're in Slidell!!

    So glad you're keeping busy and life is treating you well. Of course, you play a big role in that!