Tuesday, July 1, 2014

YIKES! It's been six months...

Uh oh - I let almost 6 months pass since my last post!

I have had SO. MUCH. going on - very good stuff, though!

Let's see...

Up until and throughout April, we had a few wedding showers and fun wedding festivities.
Then on April 12, WE GOT MARRIED!
That's the biggest thing that was keeping me SO busy.  We did pretty much everything ourselves, and so much hard work went into it.  I think the wedding is special enough to get it's own post soon :)

About a month later in May, we packed up all of our stuff in the house we were renting and stored it all.  We are currently trying to find a house to buy in Slidell.  It was a super busy week.  I absolutely hate moving!

Then, on May 16, I graduated from LSU!  I am going to miss that place a lot.  I met some awesome people there, and now we are all starting new chapters in our lives.  It's bittersweet to say the least.

On May 21, Clay and I left for our [almost] 3 week honeymoon in Italy.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  I am a little surprised we actually came back home :)  Italy will get it's own post, too!  We did so much!
Cinque Terre

Tuscany (Chianti Region)


When I graduated, I did so with a degree in Elementary Education.  St. Tammany Parish is a fantastic, yet competitive, district to work for.  The job fair for new teachers was held the last three days of our honeymoon, so while on the honeymoon, I was trying to set up interviews for as soon as I returned (which I was very blessed to be able to do)!

So, when I got back, I had 5 interviews waiting for me.   I interviewed on Monday and Tuesday, principals submitted who they wanted hire to the school board on Wednesday, and calls were made to those who got the job on Thursday.  It all happened so fast, but it still felt like and eternity waiting for a call!

I'm a first grade teacher in Slidell starting in August!  

Also, it's a permanent position (quite a few were temporary for teachers on sabbatical or maternity leave, which I still would have been thankful for)!

I absolutely cannot wait to get into my classroom, fix it all up, and start planning for the year :)
I've actually already started the planning, but I still need all my books!

So, yeah, that's basically what's been going on.  And probably all of you already knew all of this.
But, I figured I should just do an overview ow what has been going on before I did special posts on the wedding and honeymoon :)


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  1. Busy indeed! You are truly blessed to find a great job so quickly ... but then again, you're pretty amazing!