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This semester is a big one.  I started my blocks, which are basically methods courses that call for a ton of observations, reflections, projects, and LOOSE PAPERS!  I am taking 19 hours- but that really calculates to 23 hours of class time each week- we get only 19 hours of credit.  Not only that, but we have observations to do, and not every class gives us class time to do that so we have to do them on our own time.  AND on top of that, I work near 30 hours a week.  Thankfully, I have friends in almost every class, and that will spare my sanity.

I usually like to start out a semester pretty organized (even though it doesn't usually last a whole semester...), but this semester I made everything very organized, labeled, and planned. Hopefully enough to where I have no choice but keep up with it.

One main thing I did was binder organization.  I usually just use spiral notebooks and maybe a folder for classes, but because of the tons of papers that almost all of my classes have thrown at me, a binder is in order for them all.  I wrote on the front and spine of each one with big gold letters so that I knew exactly what it was for and couldn't miss it. Most of them are pretty bright colors, too.  Then I added little circles to each spine (as you'll notice in the picture).  Each colored circle represents a different day.  Monday = gold, Tuesday = green, etc.  I keep all my binders on a bookshelf, and in the morning I just look for the color of the day and grab those binders. Then, at night or the next morning, I put them back and grab the ones for the next day.  I even have a little cheat sheet sitting next to them because I can't always remember which color belongs to which day.
My new fave color combo - pink & gold!

Binders for half of my classes
Cheat Sheet

Inside the binders there are tons of tabs.  For a few of my classes, we have big packets we have to keep with us.  I couldn't handle all that bunched together, so I sectioned off the packets by tabs.  I have a separate section for my class notes and reading assignment notes, too.  

Other than those tabs, my weekly planner is my best friend.  I usually have a monthly planner that I fill in, and I never cared for the weekly section, but I took a chance on this super cute one from MayBooks that is helping me keep everything in order!

During the first week of classes, we get a syllabus for each class.  They usually have a little calendar or something for the semester outlining what will be covered and due each class.  When I just used a monthly planner, I would put major projects or tests in there because that's all I could fit, and then I would just check my syllabi constantly.  With my weekly planner, I was able to put every little assignment in there.  I was able to elaborate a little more and write what my homework is for each class (I did this before, but it wasn't in the same spot as my calendar so I would lose track of things) for the ENTIRE semester! I have a lot of reading to do, so I have a list week-by-week of what I need to read.  There's room to add any homework that we haven't been assigned yet, too.  IT'S FABULOUS.
MayBooks Weekly Planner

From the most recent weeks...
To the last week of the semester!

Side-note: MayBooks is fantastic.  They have all kinds of little books from weekly planners to meal planners, to baby bump diaries.  They just came out with a stationary line, too.  And you can monogram it all (my most recent obsession)!

It took a lot of time, but it was worth every. single. second.  I STRONGLY suggest a good organization system for anything you may be dealing with.  It will make a world of difference in the long run!


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