Monday, September 3, 2012

Giveaways Galore


Lately, while I have downtime at work or at night, I have been following different blogs and Facebook pages that do neat giveaways. I just wanted to share those with you because they're pretty neat sometimes :)

They are really easy to enter, and I've actually won THREE times now.  All I had to do was like something on Facebook, tweet something on Twitter, or pin something on Pinterest. It's super easy! Although, I'm considering getting a separate Twitter because I don't want to bug followers with giveaway tweets they don't care about...

Anyway, these are the things I've won:

Back in November, I had re-tweeted something about a giveaway from Nylabone- a dog toy company that makes some of the only toys Elwood can't destroy. I was chosen at random as the winner and they sent me $200 worth of toys and treats!

Last month, I won a dress from Twelve Saturdays. All I did was repin a dress they were giving away one time (that they had originally pinned), and I was randomly selected as the winner of it.  It's gold, too, so it's perfect for gamedays! I actually wore it to the season opener.  Twelve Saturdays specializes in cute gameday wear (dresses, skirts, etc.). I just ordered another dress from her- check them out! ;)
Dress I won!
Dress I bought!

Last week, I entered a giveaway held by The Gameday Girls.  They are a Facebook page/shop I follow that sells cute gameday necklaces, bracelets, koozies, etc. 
They had a giveaway on their blog run by a widget called "Rafflecopter."  This widget has a list of different ways you can enter the giveaway, and each thing you do is worth one or more entries.  For example, if you tweet something you get an entry. If you follow them on Facebook you get an entry.  If you follow their blog you can two entries... and so on and so forth.
I was lucky enough to once again be randomly selected as the winner! I won custom pearl studs that will have a purple paw print and purple and gold polka dots, a "pearl and ribbon necklace" that will have purple ribbon and a gold flower, and a koozie.
I got the pink koozie
Example of earrings I'll have


Example of necklace I'll have

I also follow a blog/Twitter account --The College Prepster-- that has a different giveaway starting every Saturday and ending the following Friday.  I haven't been fortunate enough to win anything from her yet, but I hope to because she always has awesome stuff.

Another blog with giveaways is Chicago Prepster.  I just started following her so I'm not sure exactly how often the giveaways are, but the two I've seen so far are pretty cool. She also has a Facebook page.

Mary Beth Goodwin Design is a Facebook page/blog/Etsy shop that has cute graphics.  You can buy them in her Etsy shop, but she also has a few Freebies right now.  To get the freebies, follow this link and the directions given.
Also, she told me an has announced that anyone in the areas affected by Hurricane Isaac can get a FREE monogram poster made with the letters and color of your choice. Just message her on Facebook STARTING TOMORROW and tell her that you heard about it and would love one! She will make you one and e-mail it to you.  She said that you don't have to like her om Facebook or anything, so don't do that if you don't want.

There are also some other giveaways I enter that I just see at random on Facebook... but I can't even remember which ones they are haha.



  1. We will be doing a giveaway once our Facebook page gets 100 likes. Spread the word!

  2. How lucky ... Isn't it fun to win something! Love those dresses, I bet they look so cute on you. Congrats!